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Classics do not need to be replaced, new classic narratives for mid- to high-end hotels

Date: 2024-04-28

In recent years, the mid-to-high-end hotel market has developed rapidly, and the competition between old and new brands has intensified. New brands named pioneers and niches are often sought after for their unique positioning and products. However, when the industry returns to rationality from the hustle and bustle, everyone is Discover that classic brands still maintain steady growth and unique industry status. In the mid-to-high-end hotel track, the Vienna International Hotel brand is the leading classic brand in the industry. Since the release of the new brand image and quality internationalization strategy and the product Vienna International Hotel Classic Edition last year, Vienna International has continued to deepen its "reshaping Europe" The product positioning is "classical lifestyle taste", and standard stores have been opened. Behind this strategic deployment and project implementation is Vienna International's new definition of "classic".