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Jitang New Century Hotel Tangshan, 이 는 하북 - 당산
이 호텔 은 개원 그룹 이 관리 하고 개원 산하 허 베 이성 에 있 는 '동방 문화 와 국제 기준 이 완벽 하 게 융합 된' 고급 비 즈 니스 호텔 이다.호텔 은 300 여 개의 각종 객실 을 갖 추고 모두 42 인치 액정 티 브 이 를 설치 하 며 무료 로 무선 인터넷 을 할 수 있다.객실 의 독립 식 샤워 시설 과 열대 우림 꽃 이 뿌 려 서 당신 에 게 푸 른 숲 과 같은 즐거움 을 가 져 다 주 었 습 니 다.모든 방 은 또한 당신 에 게 인체 공학 원리 에 따라 개 원 된 독특한 '천상의 침대' 를 제공 하여 손님 들 로 하여 금 정교 한 수면 과 편안 한 휴식 을 취 할 수 있 게 합 니 다.호텔 은 또한 당산 지역 의 실내 경 치 를 가지 고 전체적인 스타일 이 세련 되 고 따뜻 하 며 편안 하 다.대통령 스위트룸 장식 스타일 이 사 치 스 럽 고 호 화 롭 고 고 빌딩 의 시야 로 인해 손님 들 이 도시 의 경 치 를 한눈 에 볼 수 있 고 고귀 한 품질 을 나타 낸다.
호텔 에는 바둑 기사 실 과 중의 양생 관 이 설치 되 어 있 고 양생, 여가 와 비 즈 니스 사교 활동 이 완벽 하 게 융합 되 어 귀하 께 존귀 하고 온정 을 느끼 게 하고 즐 거 운 시간 을 보 내 는 것 이 나들이 와 입주 의 이상 적 인 선택 입 니 다.
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호텔 FAQ
  • 이 호텔은 Tangshan Sannvhe Airport 에서 얼마나 떨어져 있습니까?

    공항에서 Jitang New Century Hotel Tangshan 2.5km.

  • Jitang New Century Hotel Tangshan 은(는) 공항 셔틀을 운행합니까?

    아니요, 호텔에는 픽업 서비스가 없습니다.

  • Jitang New Century Hotel Tangshan 의 체크인 & 체크아웃 시간은 어떻게 되나요?

    체크인 시간은 14:00이후, 체크아웃 시간은 12:00이전.

  • Jitang New Century Hotel Tangshan 에 수영장과 체육관 있나요?

    아니요, 호텔에는 수영장이나 체육관이 없습니다. 수영장 및 다른 시설에 대한 상세 내용은 이 페이지에서 확인하시기 바랍니다.

  • Jitang New Century Hotel Tangshan 내에 레스토랑이 있나요?

    네, 호텔에서 먹을 수 있습니다.

  • Jitang New Century Hotel Tangshan 광대역 또는 Wi-Fi가 있습니까?

    예, 자세한 내용은 호텔 프런트 데스크에 문의하십시오.

  • Jitang New Century Hotel Tangshan 선불로 결제 하시겠습니까?

    저희에게 연락하기 전에 주문을 제출하십시오.

  • Jitang New Century Hotel Tangshan 신용카드로 결제하실 수 있으며?

    아니요, 호텔은받지 않습니다.

  • Jitang New Century Hotel Tangshan 의 아침 식사는 얼마입니까?

    식사 CNY45 / 사람.

  • Jitang New Century Hotel Tangshan 의 숙박 요금은 얼마인가요?

    집값에서 CNY398 위안이, 숙박 날짜나 호텔 정책 등에 따라 숙박 요금이 달라질 수 있습니다.

고객 후기 더
  • fengmin998
    As always, it's good, cost-effective, the location is OK, the service attitude is very good
  • denglei314
    Check in this hotel for the second time in winter. The room was too cold. I had an electric heater for the first time. This time I didn't want an electric heater. I caught a cold directly. The room temperature was 13 degrees. I didn't feel warm when I turned on the air conditioner to the maximum. We will never live in this house next winter.
  • jinnes
    Convenient transportation, friendly service and elegant environment,
  • afool
    Quite satisfied, there are many choices of restaurants around, and the transportation is convenient
  • lesleyying
    The air is stuffy
    Nice hotel
  • fancloud
    I've stayed in this hotel several times because of business trip. I really can't give good comments. Breakfast is all vegetarian, which is acceptable, but if you go later, there will be no food. What's more ridiculous is that the lights of the dining room will be turned off before you finish eating. Have a bowl of porridge in the dark and make up your mind to never decide this hotel again??
  • maryyeye1985
    Good hotel
  • andy15703166
    Very cost-effective
  • maidong
    The light is too dark. It's written on the Internet that the bathrobe cabinet is not too tired. It's hard to call the front desk to deliver it. In the morning, the waiter didn't knock on the door and directly opened the door with the room card. The letter was locked.
  • castorying
    Very satisfied
  • pengyl
    It's OK. I've lived many times, but it's not as good as once. I don't want to come in the future
  • grant_ding
    The hotel is very good. The transportation is convenient, the rooms are quiet, and the grade is quite satisfactory. It is particularly easy to find places to eat around. The price is also relatively good, and the cost performance is good.
  • e05768883
    Hotel location is good, not far from the Aegean Sea, South Lake Park. The room is very clean, very comfortable, with suites. There are many kinds of breakfast in the hotel. Lunch and dinner are all vegetarian buffet. There are 28 people in the hotel. The price is reasonable.
  • deonda
    The room is good, the hotel service needs to be improved.
  • e01477925
    WiFi is so bad.......................,,,.......,,..........
  • dmtrident
    The hotel is quiet and the environment is good
  • e03025921
    It's spacious, comfortable and has a rich breakfast. I'll go to this hotel next time I go to Longkou. It's spacious, comfortable and has a rich breakfast. I'll go to this hotel next time I go to Longkou.
  • Travis
    Convenient transportation, clean and comfortable rooms, good breakfast.
  • mogui2008
    Breakfast and lunch are all good. There are many kinds. Good service! It's just that the facilities are a little old and there are a lot of health dead ends. But the quality of the equipment is good! It's better!
  • Edgar0409
    I ordered it for my friend. He said it was good
    It's been a long time. I forgot
  • cao249489596
    Good hygiene, good breakfast!
  • cwlam
    Very good check-in experience, so another night was added. The room is comfortable, clean and tidy. It's also convenient to go shopping and eat around. The location is also good. It's easy to find. I'll stay here next time.
  • tdw101
    Breakfast is very rich and comfortable. You must choose here for your next business trip. The waiter was very friendly. And the location is quite good. The transportation is very convenient. give the thumbs-up??
  • lilyraymond
    The bed is quite comfortable. It's convenient to take a taxi and drive. The hotel's geographical location is good. I'm still quite satisfied overall
  • I4son
    I've lived many times. It's very good. It has a rich breakfast and convenient parking.
  • aleen520618
    Overall good, I will stay next time
  • lindalb
    Very bad! Cost performance is too low! The service is not good, the facilities are not good, the facilities are very old! The service is amazing!!! I will never live in Kaiyuan again!
  • Redpucca
    Very convenient, always
  • acacia111
    Not bad, the location is easy to find, the surrounding facilities are also complete, the cost performance is OK, the room is clean and comfortable
  • benwritten
    It's pretty good
  • boai222
    Very good order for the customer
  • Jessie1933
    I stayed in this hotel about two or three times a month. Because I stayed in the middle of the night, I saw that the bathroom floor was covered with hair and soot in the morning, which indicated that the floor had not been cleaned at all. Suddenly, I was very disappointed with this hotel,
  • lin215
    It's a very good hotel with complete facilities and a lot of rooms. It's a bit like a maze. I went to Tangshan for the first time and did some homework. I said on the Internet that this hotel is good. I stayed for one night. It's really good
  • Eileen W
    The price was ok, quite satisfied
  • jsbusi
    Good location, close to the railway station
  • e00140628
    Not bad. The space is large, clean and comfortable
  • JoeOuyang
    Breakfast was great. There was a parking lot
  • e01035168
    It's a nice hotel. It's quiet
  • allisalee
    The hotel is conveniently located
  • greening1218
    The hotel is located at the intersection. There is a parking lot, which is convenient for parking. The room is clean and well equipped. And there are many chargers in the room. I forgot to bring the charger this time. I was worried, but I didn't expect the room to be ready. However, there is no 'do not disturb' sign in the room. There is no way to avoid knocking at the door when cleaning the guest room. It is a little inconvenient. Breakfast is not bad. There are all kinds of porridge, drinks, coffee, noodle soup, etc. the staple food includes fried dough sticks, all kinds of cakes, fried rice, etc. there are also several fried vegetables. The lighter one can be eaten in the morning. Overall, the accommodation experience is good.
  • e03137257
    I've been on business a lot.
  • AMYLI12
  • beibei_1000
    The hotel is great. It's very good to entertain friends
  • insun3502
    The hotel is OK, and the breakfast is light
  • tingting_2011
    Breakfast was good, but the supplies in the room were not enough. I finished my coffee on the first day and didn't make it up the next day
  • guigui77
    Very good
  • gang123
    It's OK. It's regular
  • dogpow
    There are many kinds of breakfast, but it's only a vegetarian meal. There's no razor in the room. It happens that I didn't bring it. I'm depressed
  • amyor
    The breakfast in the hotel is simple, the others are not bad.
  • cucurbit
    Very good
  • joannaliuxia
    Everything is OK
  • m01707883
    Breakfast was good
  • bym119
    The room has good facilities and convenient geographical location, which is in line with expectations
  • e00141185
    The room is 20 square meters, which is enough. Because it is comfortable and clean. I've lived once before. I'm very satisfied with the mini king room this time. Value for money, cost-effective. I will definitely stay here next time. The noodle shop across the road is also very distinctive. The taste of soup noodles and fried noodles is very delicious. More importantly, there are many people at noon, which is very popular. Great stay and travel experience.
  • xiebeijing
    Rich breakfast, good environment
  • iori5799
    Breakfast was OK. It was Chinese breakfast. There were plenty of parking spaces. There was no extra bed
  • e03242272
    Good sanitation
  • md737
    Breakfast wasn't very good. Everything else was OK,
  • ENO Mom
    The main reason is that the geographical location is good. It's convenient to go anywhere. You can get there in 10 minutes by taxi, but the health and service are really not very good, and the personnel are not very mature
    Every time I go to Tangshan on business, I choose this. It's very good
  • e00111617
    I don't know how such a service and environment can be regarded as a 'luxury' Hotel, and I don't know how to rank first in the reservation list. The price is indeed about 100 yuan cheaper than other luxury hotels, but the overall grade is like entering a three-star or four-star hotel. In particular, the front desk of the service is expressionless and doesn't even know how much you owe her. It doesn't want you to smile all the time, but the front desk is the facade of the whole hotel. Guests are willing to spend money to come to your hotel. They don't come to see your coffin face. It really lowers the grade of the hotel
  • tattooist
    The room is quiet and vegetarian self-help is good!
  • dxelf
    I stayed late. The hotel bed was too small. It was about the same size as the bed in Hong Kong. There was a lot of food around. Parking was free. The hotel service was average and standard
  • Blomberg
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
  • tamarali
    Excellent location, rich breakfast!
  • ccsmilecc
    The environment was very good and the service was attentive
  • cain_cui
    The room is not big, but it's clean and tidy. But I ordered a room card for three days, and I had to go downstairs and brush it myself to open the door. I was very dissatisfied. Work mistakes do not make up for tired day, want to go back to rest also have to run back and forth card. Poor service
  • e00152463
    The old hotel, room facilities need to be improved
  • aiwei99
    I think it's a little expensive. The key is that the price is not high, but the service is not up to standard
  • luciaw
    Every aspect was very good
  • masfiled
    It's suitable for taking care of children. The bed is very comfortable
  • antni9607
    How about breakfast?
  • bonnieleexy
    The location is very good and cost-effective. It's suitable for traveling. The breakfast is vegetarian and has a different flavor. Generally speaking, it's very comfortable to live. I'll choose this one next time I go out to Tangshan
  • ivanatt
  • jiff12
    Breakfast was OK